July 14, 2013

Old Hattiesburg High School - Mississippi

This building was a public school from 1911 to 1959.  The entrance we took into the building was built in 1911, and the front was added on in 1921.  It served as a white’s only school until 1959.

From that point, it was utilized as office buildings of the Hattiesburg Public School District until the 1980’s.  I am not sure of the exact dates, but it was used as an antique store until 2001.

This building took on heavy damage because of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and there was talk of renovating it.  An arson caught the front portion of the building on fire, and renovation stopped when the economy could no longer support the finances of restoration in 2010.

So, now it’s a decaying building, and the idea of renovation is in limbo. 

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